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turkish sofas
turkish sofas
turkish sofas
turkish sofas
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turkish sofas



Modern Turkish Sofas & Turkish Furniture UK

IKON HOME, a fusion of European and Asian inspired modern furniture from the gateway of Asia & Europe, Turkey. Turkish sofas and furniture are a unique blend of modern design, vivid colors with a majestic touch. IKON Home UK aims at bringing about a massive turn around in the furniture industry in UK. Replacing the conventional & repetitive designs with the new majestic and modern ones. We aim at transforming your living room into a vibrant modern living room with our exclusive & luxurious designs of sofa sets in UK.

We source products that are luxurious, modern and offer absolutely perfect value for money. All our products are fully compliant with the U.K. Fire and Safety Standards. With the deliverance of unparalleled customer service and after sales services with our high quality furniture and sofa sets in UK, our aim is to revamp the image of British Homeware market in the eyes of the consumer.

Free Shipping

Free shipping across UK on all orders above £1,000.

Quality Products

Manufactured with highest quality materials to ensure durability & comfort.

Best Value

We price our products to offer the best value for every penny spent.

Secure Payments

Secure and hassle free online credit & debit card payment system.

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